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Acer XV Tour Blade GSRN Power Play Friction Face Wedge
Acer XV Tour Blade
304 stainless steel rivaling forged feel
$56.44 each custom assembled!
GSRN Golf-Swing Timing Improver
Indoor - Outdoor - Anywhere - Anytime.!
Only $64.76 each
Pinhawk SL (Single Length) Iron
Same swing! Samefeel with every iron
Only $54.95 each custom assembled!
Bionik 704 Dybacraft Prophet CB Juggernait FW
Bionik 704 Putter
High MOI for added forgiveness
Only $62.50 each custom assembled!
Dynacraft Prophet CB Iron
Longer and straighter shots
Only $49.79 each custom assembled! 
Juggernaut Fairway woods
This beast all about distance
Only $4145.75 each custom assembled! 

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Dream Swing

Dynacraft Chipper
Aero Spark Tees
Increase your distance - Length & colours
Now $15.00 pack of 3
Dream Swing Swing Trainer
Swing like a Pro everytime
Only $295 complete! with DVD
Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper  
Making the difficult easy
Only $66.48 ea.custom assembled

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     GCDU is Australian owned and operated and we're proud of it. Our products come from all over the world. We've been on-line since 2002 and enjoy positive response from golfers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., U.S.A. and elsewhere in the world, endorsing the principles on which we've built our business:  

  • That our custom fitting system encourages golfers of any size, any skill level to own golf clubs that will reward their game and allow them to work toward their potential.
  • That while our custom golf clubs may be similar to and feel and perform at least as good as the mass produced names they will consistently cost up to 50% less.
  • That we offer personal service. If you have a query don't hesitate to contact us - I look forward to hearing from you. 
  • That we extend a 30 days Money Back Satisfaction Warranty - on all our golf equipment. 
  • Try it!   Like it!   Keep it!   Otherwise returns are no hassle - just e-mail or call us. Whatever the problem is, we'll stay with it until it is resolved and you are fully satisfied.


That's a promise!


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