Let us help you play better golf
with an obligation free custom club fitting matched
to your person and to your game.

Our recommendations will be based on the data you provide so, please, consider your answers carefully.
All the questions are important as they help us form an image of you and the way you play.


First Name:
Last Name:
         Age:   Years Playing:
Height: cm
Standing tall with shoes,distance from wrist (Crease at butt of hand) to floor
or Average score for 18 holes
Games per month:
Shot Pattern
Referring to this sketch check
the number that describes your typical: wood shots,
long iron shots (1-4 irons),
mid iron shots (5-7 irons) and
short iron shots (8-Wedges):
Long Irons
Mid Irons
Short Irons
1. Straight Down the Middle
2. Starts Straight, Then Curves Left
3. Starts Straight, Then Curves Right
4. Starts Left, Then Curves Right
5. Goes Straight Left
6. Starts Left, and Curves More Left
7. Starts Right, Then Curves Left
8. Goes Straight Right
9. Starts Right, and Curves More Right
Ball Strike
  Inspect the face of all your clubs.  Check below where they show the most wear:
On The Toe
In The Center
In The Heel
No Uneven Wear
Fairway Woods
Long Irons (1-4)
Mid Irons (5-7)
Short Irons  (8-SW)
Your Driver
When you use your Driver is the trajectory normally
What is your confidence level with your driver?
How far does your average drive carry to the first bounce?

Where does your back swing stop/down swing start?
(Ask your partner)

Your Irons
When you use your irons is the trajectory normally
What is your confidence level with your irons?
Which is the longest iron you hit with confidence?
Taking a comfortable stance, what is the distance from the center of the butt of the shaft
to the floor? (Measure three times with each club, and then enter average for each club.)


#5 Iron:


Club Choice
Which club (iron or wood) do you choose when 150m out?
Are your divots:
Where do you go wrong?    Which part(s) of your game are letting you down? ( check any/all that apply)?
Driving Long Irons (1-4 irons) Short Irons(8 - Wedges)
Fairway Woods Mid Irons (5-7 irons) Putting
What make(s) of club are you using?
Driver & Loft:
- Shaft?
- what flex?
- Shaft?
- what flex?
Shaft Length
Measure your #5 iron from the top of the grip
to the heel of the club level with the sole
Hand Size
What sized golf glove do you wear?
Which club do you most enjoy (have most confidence in) hitting?
How far do you hit your #6 iron?
Any Injuries. etc.?
(Arthritis, bad back, crook knee) or anything else you'd like us to know?


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