Two Thumb Snug Daddy 30 Putter Grip

Price : $42.59


The Snug Daddy utilizes a TwoThumb Flat Pad area with gently radiused edges to help prevent grip twist, with less grip tension than round shaped grips. This surface is mounted perpendicular to the putter face to simplify putter alignment. The 5mm radius edges fit snugly into the ‘lifeline’ between thumb and palm helping consistent grip alignment simpler and more repeatable. It only fits comfortably in the hand one way and so inconsistent grip set up is minimized. The Snug Daddy uses an ultra-lightweight core. The EVA co-polymer is injection molded to make a tough, ‘stress-crack’ free and UV resistant core reducing the grip weight for our extended grip length to 70gms. The grip length is extended (325mm or 13.5 inches) so that the hands don’t have to hold the tapered section of the grip..




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