Indige "The Croc" Putter Grip

Price : $45.00

The largest and most aggressive reptile in the world. Afraid of nothing, the croc is the apex predator in Australia, on both land and water.

With “The Croc” in your bag, you never have to be afraid of a putt again.

Reverse Dimple™ texture mimics the foot of a Gecko to provide superior grip traction. The surface projections act to automatically lighten grip pressure by increasing the surface area of the grip. The reverse taper grip provides more thickness at the lower hand to stabilize your stroke, and less thickness in the top hand to quiet any twisting movements through the stroke.


Core size 0.60 inches

Grip weight: 73 grams

Style: RD3 Reverse Taper

Includes 1 ball marker

  • Replacement ball-markers available!