Dual Clean Advantage - Golf Ball Washer & Club Cleaner

Price : $99.95


At GCDU, we are always looking for a better mousetrap. When we heard about the Dual Clean Advantage Club and Ball Washer we knew we had found one. It is portable, lightweight, and compact; the golf club and ball washer that mounts to almost any golf cart in seconds.

Featuring a ball cleaner system with side mounted hand crank. Just load four balls in and crank away. They come out clean as a whistle. It is equally good at cleaning club heads.

 An attractive feature of this cleaner is the ease of which it mounts to your golf cart.  The “Dual Clean Advantage” ™ has a patented attachment mechanism that will fit around any ¾” or 1” square tubing on your cart. No bolts, no hardware, no drilling, no brackets. Position the patented channel around the prospective tubing, slip in the locking tab and you're done. It literally takes about 2 seconds and requires no tools.  Just as easy to dismount too!

The “Dual Clean Advantage” ™ is  the most innovative ball and club washers on the market today.


*Note: Due to the style of the rear roof supports on the Club Car Precedent, Yamaha Drive, and EZGO RXV , this club & ball washer will not fit these models.