Concourse CBM2 Pull Buggy

Price : $295.00


Despite various compact style buggies now available, none compare to the size, weight and shape of the CBM2, nor can they compete with the durable streamline design.

The CBM2 is designed so that the buggy frame can remain attached to the golf bag at all times, thus eliminating most set-up and handling requirements.


Eliminates the need to deal with straps before and after play
Simple one-click attach and release
Low profile fits inside the golf bag’s circumference


Comfortable handle
Sand bucket hook
Quick attach and release mechanism
Score Card Holder
Pencil Holder

The Wheels:
Excellent wheel performance is crucial. Concourse achieves through these key attributes:

ual steel bearings in each wheel provide effortless spin
Self-locking attachment to put both wheels on simultaneously
Centre-press release buttons to remove wheels easily
Axle-free wheels for easy separation and storage

Included with purchase:

CBM2 Concourse
Wheel Bag x 1
Wheels x 2
Instruction card

Bag Attachment:

To achieve a perfect seamless fit, choose a golf bag that has Concourse Connection. This feature provides not only the closest bond possible with Concourse, but also a sturdy and invisible attachment. The CBM2 also comes with specialised Concourse straps. These straps allow you to attach your CBM2 to almost any cart golf bag and leave it permanently attached if you like.


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