Birdie Ball - Practice Ball

Price : $11.00

BirdieBall, the most ACCURATE and REWARDING practice ball in golf. 

It looks like a napkin ring but flies exactly like a golf ball. Unbelievable? The 40-odd thousand pros at the 2005 US PGA Merchandise Show didn't think so ... they awarded it Best New Product! How many other limited flight practice balls have been given that honour? 

It spins exactly like a golf ball, and feels like one too; it is heavy, it draws, it fades, it is serious practice, and it is fun. The BirdieBall is made of a super polymer, is incredibly durable and even floats. 

The BirdieBall has a remarkably satisfying ball flight. It flies just far enough to show ball flight but short enough that you can hit them and retrieve then with minimal effort. Further, because the BirdieBall has golf ball like reverse spin and two flat sides they do not have forward roll when they land, in fact they back up on most surfaces. BirdieBalls fly about 35 metres on average.

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