3 Bays GSA Golf Swing Analyzer

Price : $250.00


Why spend $4,000 + to analyse your swing?
This Tiny Device that Weighs Just
One-Third of an Ounce Will Give you all the
Answers you need and Help You Swing with
“Pro-Like” Consistency... PLUS Provide These
Additional Advantages...

.Accurate and instant data from every swing with any club so you can make instant improvements

.See your swing on your iPhone, Android, or tablet

.Straighter and longer shots because you’re constantly improving by using the instant data 

 The 3 Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer only weighs a third of an ounce (9.8g) and is put into the hole at the butt end of your club. Due to the location of the 3Bays GSA Pro, as well as the size – about the width of your club end – it will not interfere with your set up or swing. The technology used allows capturing 10,000 data points for each swing. The golf swing analyzer is available for IOS and Android phones.

After your swing has been recorded, there is a vast amount of information available on your mobile device. For those of you struggling with slices or hooks, the animated swing arc is a great visual aid to see why your shot ended up having that undesired shape. While the body shown is static, the displayed arc illustrates exactly the path of your club, making it easy to identify whether you e.g. came over the top. You are able to review your swing from the front or the side, in real-time, 1/4 or 1/8 slow motion.

What if your swing path looks good, but your shot is still having that awkward shape? Well, that might mean you had your clubface closed or open during impact. To provide clarity, the golf swing analyzer provides you with this information. In addition, the 3 Bays measures the tempo of your swing, which indicates the time it takes for your backswing compare to the time of your downswing.

Finally, what we all want to know is how far we hit our balls at the driving range or during a round. In order to determine that figure, the system captures the club head speed as well as impact force and shows the data in addition to the theoretical carry distance.

The collected data can be looked at as numbers or in graphs, allowing you to see the development of your swing. You are also able to either set one swing as your best and compare it to a set of swings or select a pre-installed swing of a Pro and compare yourself to him/her.

Finally, for those of you working on your swing at home, the 3 Bays GSA PRO Golf Swing Analyzer is the perfect solution. It captures all information without hitting a ball and still provides instant feedback.




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