3Bays-GSA Putt

Price : $250.00


Wouldn’t it be great to have a Golf Pro with you at all times when practicing or playing a round of golf? You would be able to get instant feedback, allowing you to adjust the things you did wrong immediately.  Now you can.

The 3Bays GSA Putt is a small lightweight device (weighing only 9.8g) that easily fits into the end of your putter and records the data from your swing.

Using an advanced 9-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors the GSA Putter digitizes your putting motion, creating 10,000 data points, which may vary depending on clubhead speed. Within the tiny capsule the information gathered is then sent via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android) and the results of the swings are displayed brilliantly on your device.

The amount of information that is recorded is outstanding, here’s a rundown: Consistency, Tempo, Face Angle, Attack Angle, Downswing, Backswing, Impact Speed and a very useful chart that displays the swing path distance on the back swing and the follow through - now that’s a ton of information for a putt.

Like most motion analyzers, PUTT will deliver more accurate results if you take the time to fill out your profile and putter information. For the golfer, you should at least enter your height, but you can enter your gender, weight, handicap and name.

The putter data is very important. You can select the head type from a variety of options including mallet, Anser-style, center-shafted, futuristic and others. Length, loft, lie and head weight are other data points you can modify. The more accurate you can be with this data the better, but don’t worry too much if you can’t find the specs on the lucky gamer you’ve had in your bag since you were a kid. You can also change the color of some of the elements and set the distance, speed and force units, which is a nice feature.

The GSA Putt also has the same animation that you’ll find on the GSA Pro. With the GSA Putt the animation includes a face on view that shows your attack angle and a view from the top looking down at the putter. Both viewpoints show the current club path and if saved you can view your best swing at the same time.

3Bays GSA PUTT is a solid product that provides golfers of all skill levels a very accurate picture of their putting stroke and plenty of data to help understand what is going on, allowing you to make improvements and hopefully sink more putts.



Buy both the 3Bays GSA Pro and the 3Bays GSA Putt within 30 days and receive $30 discount



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