Dream Swing Golf Swing System

Price : $295.00

Practicing with the Dream Swing allows you to FEEL and LEARN the swing of your Dreams. The golf swing is a feel motion. You learn the feeling of a motion by repeating it. The Dream Swing forces the golf club to swing on the perfect swing plane for you. Using the Dream Swing programs your mind body coordination with the feeling of your best golf swing. It's easy to repeat a motion you have felt.

The Dream Swing is a mechanical device that adjusts for each golfer to guide and force their golf club to travel on the best swing-plane for their body.

The Dream Swing helps golfers focus on what their body needs to do to swing on-plane. In the Dream Swing you don’t have to think about swinging the club. It swings the club for you. You can focus on all the other motions your body needs to do to swing on-plane.

Arnold Palmer swung the Dream Swing several times and then swung his club out of it and said while looking at a player there with him,  ”Sh##, have you felt how this trains you? I need to keep swinging this, have you got one you can leave with me?”  Later Arnold to me, “I’ve always had this problem of blocking my follow through. This forces me to extend out and finish with my hands up where there supposed to be.”


Dream Swing is endorsed by the United States Golf Teachers Federation!