Dream Swing Golf Swing System

Price : $335.00

Dream Swing is a mechanical device that adjusts to the individual golfer, guiding and forcing the golf club to travel on the ideal swing-plane for that individual.. The Dream Swing has garnered praise from hundreds of golf instructors and thousands of amateur golfers and may be the most well-endorsed swing trainer ever.   In a sport flooded by training aids, it stands out because it helps golfers achieve their best swing and they can’t manipulate it.  It is virtually fool proof and forces golfers to improve.

Too often when learning to swing a golf club we do not set-up properly, do not follow-through in the way we should and, in fact, do very little right.  All our concentration is on hitting the ball.  Where the ball goes is anybody’s guess.  The last thing we think of is our body position. 

Dream Swing teaches you backwards:  from the end to the beginning.  It gives you your perfect swing right at the outset and then teaches your body how to achieve that swing with consistency.  With the golf club connected to the trainer your swing is guided like a pencil in a compass.   The club travels on the same swing-plane used by tour players again, again and again,  All that is left to do is to discover that ‘feel’, which you will,  when your body works in sync with the club.

You cannot repeat a motion you have never felt.  When using Dream Swing the mind body coordination required discovers the feeling of a better swing.  Someone can show and tell you how to do a  motion a dozen times over but until you ‘feel’ that motion there is nothing for your body to remember, Dream Swing gives you that ‘feel’ and reinforces that ‘feel’ allowing you to have perfect practice which you then carry forward on to the course.   Dream Swing is the key to better golf.

Dream Swing will help teach you how the use every club in your bag;  from Driver right through to Putter.  Complete with indoor wall mount and DVD.

Dream Swing is endorsed by the United States Golf Teachers Federation!

Arnold Palmer said
  ”Sh##, have you felt how this trains you?”
"It forces me to swing the way I'm supposed to swing."