Price : $125.00

ProStance is a balance aid that helps golfers to develop an awareness of where weight is positioned when addressing the golf ball ("static balance") and during the actual golf swing ("dynamic balance").

By hitting golf shots while standing on ProStance, golfers develop an intuitive feel for balance and instinctively make the corrective adjustments to rectify any imbalance. After using ProStance for very short time you are able to feel the difference between "good" and "poor" balance and will see immediate benefits to your overall golf game.

One of the key advantages of ProStance is that the adjustments required to the golf swing happen quite instinctively. There are no complex drills to master, and the brain quickly figures out what needs to be done to achieve better balance and fine-tunes the body's physical movements accordingly. It's much like learning to ride a bike whereby the body is forced to make many subtle adjustments to maintain balance: this process seems quite difficult at first, but once mastered, adjustments are instinctive with no conscious thought of having to continuously reposition weight to maintain balance.

ProStance is one of the simplest yet most effective game improvements products available. ProStance is currently used by hundreds of tour professionals including some of the world's most elite golfers, and by thousands of club and recreational golfers throughout the world.

"The ProStance is a great tool for any golfer at any level. It helps build balance and stability for every part of the game from putting and chipping to the full swing."

Padraig Harrington - Three-time Major winner